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Andreas - german Soldier !



Matt, USMC

Hot army bloke with a sweet stubby cock!

More pics

Looking for more - do you have any to share?
- Major Dad

Your blog is totally awesome. I really love it. Im a filipino who finds the hotness in mens in uniform.. Great site u have..

Thank you!
- Major Dad

i want to see military nudes, do you have more pictures and videos, more photos

Just the ones I’ve posted. If you have any you want posted, let me know!


I like him, his uniform and his cock too!

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Fuck bro let me service you

when can we see it in person???

When and where do you ant to see it?
- Major Das

Army officer here as well, I absolutely love your blog!

Thanks - I am always glad to hear my fellow officers enjoy it!
- Major Dad

I'm enlisting active duty to serve my country. But is it easy for my to serve my fellow brothers and sargents?

There’s no easy way to answer that. After basic training, it’s all up to you.
Major Das

hot site. I grew up Army and have always had a 'soft spot' (okay...hard spot) for soldiers and other military. Just love the masculine culture of it all. After I came out I met several guys from the local base, more than I'd have thought! One was even my Dad's corporal as it turned out. Another was in a married quarter one street over from parents PMQ. I could see it out his bedroom window as he fucked me! His wife was away. Keep uup the good work, Major.

I’m glad you like the site!
Major Dad